Below we will list the 10 essential wordpress plugins for 2019.


Making appointments can take precious time.

Amelia is a software booking solution for any WordPress website. With a fee, it provides a more professional booking service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and makes no mistakes.

Customers can book appointments in seconds, while Amelia manages appointments and processes payments online.


Putting together a distinguished FAQ page is really useful for users of a website.

Assemble, sort, categorize and add images using drag and drop. The FAQ works on any PC or mobile device and is optimized for touch devices.

3 WORDLift

WordLift not only takes care of helping you learn new things on your site, it also helps you create the data that Google needs to rank your pages.

4 wpDataTables

There are numerous plugins for creating tables and graphs, one of which is wpDataTables.

Below we will list all the qualities that this plugin provides.

Interacts with huge amounts of data (e.g. Hundreds of thousands of rows)
Your data can be processed in a variety of extended formats
Create responsive, interactive, editable front-end tables / graphs that are easy to keep up to date
Attractive (therefore customizable) tables / charts that are able to highlight key data (i.e., conditional formatting)
A fast, reliable and easy-to-use tool.
5 Gallery NextGen

It is extremely easy to use for creating simple galleries, but it is powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding graphic professionals, creative artists and photographers.

With NextGEN Gallery, you can manage and view thousands of images with ease, with a variety of types of album and gallery views.

Regardless of the approach you take, satisfaction will be guaranteed.

6 Blog2Social

This plug-in allows you to plan and share your posts on 16 different social media networks. You can share your posts with others at any time and in the format you prefer.

7 Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base helps users find the information they are looking for and does it quickly thanks to its superfast Ajax search function. This plugin also provides feedback on articles and other information that helps determine areas where you can improve your website.

8 MapSVG WordPress

This top-of-the-line mapping plug-in presents a variety of approaches for creating maps. MapSVG allows you to incorporate image maps, personalized interactive vector maps and Google maps into your sites.

You can also create maps from JPEG or PNG files, overlay a custom SVG file on a Google map.

9 Rank Math SEO

This SEO Plugin has everything you need to make your SEO sites friendly.

You’ll also like the way Rank Math’s Content Analysis feature makes it easy to write SEO-friendly content. This super-useful plugin loads quickly and is easy to use.

10 Logic Hop

Logic Hop allows anyone to easily customize WordPress and automatically display targeted content based on behavior, geolocation, UTM codes and much more. With powerful tools and options ready, Logic Hop will be your new favorite plugin.