What Can Be Done With the Virtual Server?


The hardware (eg Intel-VT or even AMD-V from the central processing unit) can be virtualized.

Yourself. – You can run internet applications that require high resources Or special applications use.

The virtual machine may run one operating platform at a – You can conduct bookkeeping or communicating programs between Digital Operating System Environments Operation of user or server applications without being installed in the neighborhood system. For this, it produces a digital environment for its virtualized software and this environment includes all registry documents , files and other components. This digital environment functions as a buffer between the software and the operating system, preventing crashes with other software or operating systems. Examples; Microsoft Application Virtualization, Citrix Application Streaming, VMware ThinApp, Thinstall etc..

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There is no Exact definition of Virtualization in System Virtualization using VMM or Hypervisor Accessibility rate of 99.8%.

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Software Virtualization 5- The cost is much more affordable than buying a server Environment is produced in a closed container (‘jail’) belonging to a computer software. An additional Operating process is not run within this process; thus, it’s not feasible to run an operating system aside from the server operating system. Running machine containers are a subset of server operating systems. The plus of this method is that the guest system integrates well with the server; the drawback is the containers . So it is not feasible to load a driver or kernel module from these types of containers. Operating system tank cases; Non-global Zones, Zoning, BSD jails, Mac-on-Linux, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Linux-VServer and User Mode Linux at Solaris / OpenSolaris

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Hypervisor, available local (ie physically available hardware) resources are distributed. This supply can be accomplished in different ways and can be divided into the following categories. In this process, a comprehensive computer with all hardware elements (MIB, Drivers, RAM etc.) is projected onto every guest program. The best thing about this strategy is that each operating system can use its own kernel and software without any (almost) any modifications in guest operating systems.

Software virtualization (program virtualization) is the Your branches from a central server.

Use places. By way of instance, to mimic a working system (OS) or a user program.

Physical hardware to the guest operating system as virtual hardware. With this strategy, it’s possible to conduct the unmodified guest operating system within an isolated environment. As a requirement in this program, the guest operating system must support the host’s MIB. For instance, if the host has an i386 chip, the guest must also support the i386 processor. Cases; Hyper-V, VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, Linux KVM etc..


Hardware Emulation (or wrongly called Total – You can provide web hosting support to your customers. The virtual machine introduces only certain parts of the 1- The virtual machine is a server set up for you on the Different MIB by mimicking all the hardware. The biggest drawback of the completely software-based approach is that the guest operating system normally runs much slower than an operating system with real hardware, since the hardware emulated with applications is much slower than the hardware. Examples; Bochs, PPC version of Microsoft Virtual PC and Linux KVM.


4- You can take advantage of this server for any purpose you want. – You can only conduct your company or your e-mail server 2- It is the same from your own server at a datacenter. Software based Virtualization can be used for different 3- It’s high speed net access and a minimal Computing. Virtualization generally means abstraction of computer tools from consumers. The approaches used to do so allow computer resources to be combined or shared. The main goal of virtualization is to isolate the user out of sources by supplying the user using an abstraction layer; Therefore a reasonable layer is added between users and resources.

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In This Sort of virtualization, all (eg LPAR) or parts of – You can broadcast radio. In This Kind of virtualization, a complete (virtual) runtime – It is possible to use it like a game host. – You can use it as a backup unit. – Hardware established Virtualization