What is a .cloud domain?

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.Cloud is the foundation of the digital age and the future of technology. Using this extension for your field, you will send a strong message to all those interested in the evolution of digital technology.

If you have reinvented a product or you have chosen to modernize one of the services you offer to your customers, you can highlight this success with a .cloud domain. Everything related to the digital transformation of your business can be presented online using this domain extension. There is no better way to show that you are future-oriented. Expand your audience using the right domain name!

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cloud storage

The word cloud has managed to revolutionize everything that means data storage and sharing. We live in a world where virtual data storage is virtually ubiquitous and growing day by day.

The .cloud extension is suitable for creating storage spaces in an expansive market. Storage systems that specialize in sharing music, photos, data, or web pages will be able to use this domain successfully. It is also an ideal option for bloggers, developers or anyone working in the cloud both business and personal.

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What is a .cloud domain?

This domain name was proposed by ICANN in the general program of the top domains in 2015, and will be available to the general public in 2016. The .cloud extension is managed by one of the largest cloud service providers in the world. Many big names in the industry use this TLD. In recent years, technology has evolved at the speed of light. What was once considered the technology of the future is now part of our daily lives.

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Why choose a .cloud extension?

Cloud technology is used to store files, stream media content, but also for complex computer operations. If your brand is part of an advanced industry, a .cloud domain is a must.

Everyone knows what it means to own something “in the cloud.” The term has become extremely familiar and is part of everyday vocabulary. Precisely this familiarity is an ace up your sleeve, which you can use to highlight your online presence. It is a domain name that is easy to recognize and very easy to remember. And because it is a keyword highly used by those looking for online cloud services, such a domain can help you significantly increase traffic to your site.

Dedicated to any type of company or for personal use, this field is ideal to keep up with technology. .Cloud is the smart domain for modern business!

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ver time in the process of developing the digital age, many hosting options offer solutions to host sites and provide content globally. Choosing the right web hosting package is practically a single feature – scalability. Whether we are talking about large sites, corporate or personal sites, it is important to know what to choose.

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If we talk about scalability, we should consider two aspects:

The power of the resources provided by the servers
Ability to change or modify these resources as needed.
Choose a web hosting package that meets your needs and tick the scalability criterion. With the right power and performance you will have a site that runs fast and constantly.

Servers: Build a strong foundation for your site!
Our digital lives, especially when we own a business, depend on servers. From corporate servers to networked servers to back up files and content types on a daily basis, servers are all around us.

Most servers are designed to be accessible only to a certain number of people and are not much more powerful than a computer. For your site, you probably need server resources that can handle hundreds, or maybe even thousands of connections at a time. That, of course, without the slightest interruption.