Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the computing cloud

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As we have seen before, the cloud needs are different for individual users and for companies, the difference lies mainly in the storage capacity and in the security that the cloud company offers to the information it is dealing with.

That is why the priority of companies that decide to hire a cloud plan is to have as many gigs available, but with the highest possible security.

Azure: It is one of the best cloud companies focused on companies, Azure has been developed by Microsoft, offering complete security with the simple fact of hearing its name.


The services it offers go far beyond storage, allowing the management of open source tools and technologies, offering companies a unique and customizable experience for each and every one of their needs.

Amazon web service: we all know who Amazon is, an e-commerce giant, but did you know that in addition to being the largest online store in the world, it also has cloud services?

Yes, in Amazon you can find an incredible cloud service dedicated to companies, and it is that large companies around the world have deposited their valuable information in AWS.

Business plans are generally tailored to the client.

Sugar Zync:  It is also one of the cloud companies for companies that have high reliability, although hostng ukthe company is also known for offering services for users, its version of the cloud for companies is quite complete.

Among the main features that it offers, the high configuration that allows managing users (making the information accessible only to defined roles), managing invoices from the cloud and desaster and recovery stands out.

Prices for business start at $ 550 per year.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the computing cloud

Our journey through the clouds has led us to answer the most important questions of the cloud: what is cloud computing? , What characteristics do Cloud companies have? And what are the most popular cloud companies for companies and users?

However, we could not finish this journey, without talking about what are the advantages and disadvantages of the computing cloud, that is why we present them below:

The advantages of cloud computing

Immediate Availability: Just with an Internet connection it allows you to access servers for all your files and you will be able to access them whenever you need them.

Multiplatform access: To have access to all our files it is not necessary to have only a desktop computer, in reality the cloud has adapted to the appearance of new devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Saving physical space and resources: Storing information is synonymous with costs, since you need servers, computers, hard drives or any other physical equipment to host the information and these have high costs.Hosting in the cloud saves you money on equipment , but also on space, since you have to locate the equipment you have purchased.

Security: Security lies in both the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud. Since there is an eternal discussion on this topic, we want to show you the pros and cons of security.

In theory, the Cloud service is very safe, and depending on the services you hire, they make that security higher or lower. Services such as encryption, back-up services, FTP access and other features offered by some companies make the difference in terms of the security of your information

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Security: Remember that once your information goes to the cloud you can no longer have absolute control over it and anything could happen.

On the other hand, one of the biggest risks in terms of this type of service is the breach of trust. In general, there are several users who have access to the same cloud account, and having a key and password gives full access to all the information stored.

Internet: Without the Internet there is no access to the cloud, remember that the Internet is the bridge that connects the user with the stored information, therefore, the only time you will not be able to access your information is when you are offline.

Legality: Once you click on the upload file button, your documents are stored in Russia, Belgium, the United States, China or any other part of the world. This makes it not entirely clear which law would apply if a problem occurs with your stored information.

The computing cloud is here to stay and it is undeniable that companies and users increasingly trust it, the reason is each and every one of the advantages that we have previously discussed.

Your information and that of companies is more present in the cloud every day, and it is undeniable that this service will be increasingly present in our days, that is why you must be prepared to use the best technology and do it optimally .