What is Hosting?

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You have prepared a website and you want to open your site to the world. This is exactly where you need two things. One of them is domain and the other is hosting . If we think of a website as a construction, we can say that hosting is the land of this construction.

What is a domain? In my article titled, I shared all the information about what the domain is, how and where it can be purchased, and how it can be managed. Now that you know how to buy domains, let’s come to the answers to the questions about hosting ..

In this article, what is hosting? , You need to look for when choosing a hosting? , where to get hosting? , Hosting management how? We will clarify such issues.

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1 What is Hosting?

1.1 What Are The Types Of Hosting?

1.1.1 Linux Hosting

1.1.2 Windows Hosting

1.1.3 Shared Hosting

1.1.4 Reseller Hosting

1.1.5 VPS Hosting

1.1.6 Cloud Hosting

1.1.7 Radio Hosting

1.1.8 WordPress Hosting

1.1.9 Dedicated Hosting

1.2 What is A Class – B Class – C Class IP Hosting?

1.2.1 A Class IP Hosting

1.2.2 B Class IP Hosting

1.2.3 C Class IP Hosting

1.2.4 D Class IP Hosting

1.2.5 E Class IP Hosting

2 Things to Know About Domain and Hosting

3 Buying Hosting

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What is Hosting?

For a website to be accessible on the internet, it must be installed on a computer. If you think that we should be able to access this site 24/7, you can guess that the computer on which your site will be installed must be constantly running and connected to the internet. If you think that a computer that will operate under these conditions must have high features, you can estimate how costly it will be to do such a procedure at home or in your office with your own means. This situation can be overcome with a hosting service to be purchased . Web hosting service means running your site by renting space from a powerful computer with the features we mentioned.

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For hosting service , we can say that the pages, images and documents of a website to be published are kept on a computer so that they can be accessed by internet users without interruption.

The quality of hosting service is also very important in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) . In particular, Google scrutinizes the server where the site is hosted. The quality of the hosting service is determined by factors such as the speed of the site opening, the absence of malware on the server, and these factors are a great factor in getting to the top of Google .

In addition, it will be possible to use corporate e-mail accounts with @ domain.com extension, which corporate companies frequently prefer today, by purchasing hosting services.

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Nowadays, you can buy many types of hosting services from hosting companies. There are different hosting packages for situations such as if you are running a single site or if you are running multiple sites. You can check out the rest of the article to find out what these hosting packages are.