Website hosting: What’s it?

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The process for adding a domain to the exact same email hosting program is quite straightforward. Domains can be used freely. This may be achieved in 2 ways: via a complementary domain (other domain), or via an alias domain name.
If your panel is DirectAdmin, then you’ll have to stick to along with other tutorial.
Explaining all those choices:
Complementary domain name: A brand new domain name with articles different from your primary domain name is included. This manner, a folder is created inside your website (inside public_html), which will obtain the files from the new domainname.
Mirror domain name: it’s a mirror of your primary site, with exactly the exact same content. Normally this option is utilized for people who possess multiple extensions of the identical domain , for example:,,
Recall that in both instances, it’s important to have domain name registration to the domain name you need to add on your best email hosting for small business uk plan.

email hosting
The best way to put in a complementary domain name with different content
Then, inside the Domains tab, then get into the Add-on domain option.
The way to put in a domain 1
In this option, input the title of your domain name in the domain name area.
Immediately after completing in the title of this domainname, the panel will automatically set an inner folder onto your site, from the Document origin area. The title of the folder could be altered if you would like.
All of the content of the new domain will probably be uploaded by means of this record’s Root folder. To put it differently, you’ll have to send the documents from the brand new website to the folder indicated in this discipline.
When completed, click Insert domain.
The way to put in a domain name 3
It’s currently crucial to configure the DNS servers of this new domainname, so they point to the cheap email hosting servers in Homehost.
Should you require assistance, you may read this informative article about the best way best to configure your domain’s DNS servers.
With this setting to make the most of your domain has to be registered. The domain registration could be achieved via the homehost control panel, or by means of the website
The way to put in a domain name 4

By means of this choice, the new domain will have precisely the exact same content as your primary website. This choice is usually used when you have domain registration for many indistinguishable extensions, or to get comparable titles in precisely the exact same domainname.
Then, within the Domains tab, then get into the Aliases option.
The way to put in a domain two
About the Aliases screen, input the title of the brand new domain name in the Domain Name field.
Subsequently, click Add Domain Name.
The way to put in a domain 5
You may read this informative article about the best way best to change a domain’s DNS.