Stephanie:”It seems funny and it’s. (laughs) I look the collection for women and infants from A to Z. As a part of the Fair Wear Foundation,

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interaction and transparency with factories is vital. Our CSR department guarantees that all clothing is created under fair working conditions.

It gives us confidence to the user.”
Karen:” I favor a maxi dress with a handbag at raffia: instantaneous holiday seem guaranteed!”
Ethically amazing style, what exactly does this imply for Bel & Bo?
Stephanie:”Blend a vibrant shorts with a dress or paperbag trousers: consistently powerful and elegant!”
Tine:”We’re attempting to reduce our environmental footprint as far as possible (specifically our CO2 emissions) thanks to many different initiatives. We’ve found our ecofriendly accordingly GOOD therefore YOU ​​collection, made using renewable materials. Together, We’re committed to improving working conditions within our manufacturing workshops.” Our quality management ensures that every garment meets rigorous European standards in regards to safety. By way of instance, the neck must remain big enough and I often make certain there is a complete opening at the trunk. You won’t locate other or ropes (potentially) harmful elements within our baby collection!”
What’s Fair Fashion Week?
Stephanie:”I select the ice cream printing t-shirt in the women collection. Blend it with the light pink blouse: ideal fit for little princesses!”
Which are the results of the coronavirus about the manufacturing workshops?
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Is there gs for women and for girls?

Tine:”In summary, I always try to incorporate people and the world into our company tasks for future generations. Of course, always in consultation with all our stakeholders and management.”
As there’ll be a time before and following the coronavirus, there’s been a time before and following the Rana Plaza (Bangladesh) catastrophe. Let us take a good look at sustainability at Bel & Bo and also our strategy during the corona catastrophe.
Are there any other guidelines for infants?
What is your final style idea for Spring / Summer 2020?
Tine:”Because of the corona catastrophe, solidarity is much more significant than ever. In consultation with all our factories and suppliers, we attempt to decrease harm at each link in the series.

Our Clients must also Have the Ability to Keep on purchasing from us with confidence:

Stephanie:” Afterward the actual production starts. I will make sure each woman finds something she enjoys: a rebellious look, a look.”

Produced in Belgium All around the Earth, throughout Fair Fashion Week, the hashtag #whomademyclothes is utilized on interpersonal networks to encourage more transparency and improved working conditions in the textile industry. As a producer we take our duty: we visit the factories where our garments are created. We just work with reputable suppliers, who will guarantee us that our garments are manufactured under fair working conditions.” #Imadeyourclothes
Be a designer at a Belgian fashion business. This is (style ) music into the ears of several fashionistas! Just what is your occupation?
Stephanie:”I insist that each item of clothing is more friendly and comfortable for mother and daughter. The jumpsuits appear excellent, but not so easy to wear and remove. That is why I aim a closed with snaps or that I layout a”imitation” combination which is made up of 2 bits. A flexible waist and a elastic can also be essential. A kid grows up fast.”
Karen:”We see animal prints, but this year might be more exotic. Additionally, orange brings attention and maxi dresses continue to score points. This time, bet on pastel shades Which Can Be styled in a relaxed and joyous manner.”
Karen:” We gather website photos or are creating mood boards. As a stylist, you discover inspiration nearly everywhere: by a visit to a museum trip or a restaurant excursion: our branches are constantly on the watch (laughs).”

Eventually, what is this year’s must-have product?

Karen:”A professional has to be creative, but also take funds into consideration. After acceptance of our set by the buying section, we set the sheets (buttons, substances,…) to our quality management section. He makes sure the match Is Ideal and that every garment meets our strength needs ”
What exactly does the beginning of a brand new year look like?
Sustainable entrepreneurship is a process that never ceases, but collectively we’re dedicated to honest and cute clothes, day in and day out. You too ?
What’s your function as a CSR supervisor?

Which fad would you rather have?

Produced in Belgium
Stephanie:” From the women’ collection, we visit a good deal of’paperbag’ trousers. Even flowery prints continue to blossom. We see longer fluorescent beams which give a Bit More spice.”
Stephanie:”Together with our group of five, we now place the colour scheme. We investigate trends and store in Amsterdam, London, Paris… It is intriguing to see the way that trends are translated overseas and how they evolve.”
Behind each Bel & Bo set is an entire team. This time around, we talked to two stylists. Karen layouts for your women’s fashion division, Stephanie is in charge of its collection for little girls and infants. Are you khaadi sale  interested?
Tine:”As a family business, we take good care of our workers and their living and working environment, in the states of manufacturing, but also nearer. Our Clients should Have the Ability to shop together with confidence”
Produced in Belgium
Produced in Belgium Do not replicate a complete appearance. Wear only what you enjoy and Follow your style.”