Do you understand better why the host can afford to offer you or only charge you a symbolic euro for the first year?


So that our opinion and test of the The email shop host is as complete as possible, we invite you to discover a certain amount of additional information about it.

Free domain name at The email shop

As you may have read previously, The email shop offers in many of its accommodations not one but two domain names offered. Except that there are conditions and you are not going to have your hands completely free at the time of your choice.

First of all because the 1st domain name offered will only be offered for 1 year . After this first year you will have to pay a heavy price. And you will see it in the rest of our The email shop review (domain purchase section), the prices are more than exaggerated. Which makes this “offer” very misleading.

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The same can be said for the second domain name offered since you will only have the opportunity to register a domain with a .site extension.

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To be completely honest with you, we don’t recommend anyone to use such a domain extension. It is therefore really window dressing that The email shop swings with this 2nd domain name offered.

By way of comparison, if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, choose PlanetHoster which offers with its hosting a free domain name for life .

Free Hosting and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: What About?

Contrary to what we were able to offer in our Infomaniak opinion , we have decided to group together here the issue of free hosting and the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why ? Well quite simply because The email shop does not offer completely free hosting. The host has taken the gamble of offering a 30-day free trial for a number of its offers (see screenshot below). This explains in passing the absence of a satisfied or refunded guarantee.

The email shop free trial

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For us, this is clearly a good approach because it will allow you to test the capacities of Linux, Windows, WordPress, or even PrestaShop hosting without obligation.

We just regret that this does not apply to VPS hosting.

Purchase of domain name

In this part, we will have a real rant about the practices of the host The email shop. When you arrive on their website, you will see the promise of domain names at less than 5 € / year, or even free.

It makes you want, doesn’t it? Except that in reality, it will be necessary to be really vigilant concerning the conditions and the other small lines placed at the bottom of the page.

You will only have access to these rates for 1 year . And then you are going to have to pay simply exorbitant prices.

To prove it to you, we offer you a quick price comparison of domain extensions between The email shop and other direct competitors of the brand:

.com: € 24.90 / month (compared to € 7.99 / year at Hostinger or € 10.99 / year at PlanetHoster)

.fr: € 24.90 / month (compared to € 7.99 / year at Hostinger or € 9.99 / year at PlanetHoster)

.net: € 26.00 / month (compared to € 11.99 / year at Hostinger or € 12.99 / year at PlanetHoster)

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Do you understand better why the host can afford to offer you or only charge you a symbolic euro for the first year? Behind it will easily catch up and make you pay a high price. To the point where The email shop seems to us to be the provider offering the most substantial prices on the domain name market in 2020.

Where are the The email shop data centers located?

Although the The email shop site is perfectly translated into French, be aware that no company datacenter is located in France . Which is clearly damaging to us.

However, several other data centers are based in Europe and other regions of the world:

United Kingdom (this is the main data center)



Hong Kong