Look for references from the company and its website

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We already buy practically anything over the Internet: from technology, to clothing, furniture, it is even possible to buy in online supermarkets. However, it is important to always bet on completely safe eCommerces , which give you all the guarantees to buy in the store without incurring any type of risk.

Although the theory is easy, in practice it is not always easy to find safe and quality stores.

Today, shopping from the comfort of your home online represents great advantages that make it easier and easier, for that reason it is important to know these simple tips that the company Aldeahost Hosting de México shares with you to make your purchases faster. , safer and without problems

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Always use a reliable and secure internet connection

It will be better to do it from our home or from that of a relative. Connecting from a public place (such as airports, hotels, or anywhere else) may not be secure, since you never know who will be monitoring the connection.

Look for references from the company and its website

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Before making the purchase, make sure the company is legit. Take a look at the contact section to check your physical address, customer service, hours, or references …

For example, if you want reliable web hosting in Mexico , there are companies like Aldeahost with more than 10 years of experience in the market and more than 2000 happy clients.

Analyze that the provider’s web address is secure, it must contain https and an SSL padlock

Another key to consider is that the information is encrypted with an SSL security certificate . This certificate is invulnerable, so it will protect our data.

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A good provider will always have Active SSL .

Always keep your operating system and antivirus updated

Your OS and your antivirus must always be updated to the latest version available. Only then will they be prepared to face the latest threats available, avoiding any risk to the user

Only make your purchase on websites that accept secure payment platforms

Choose secure payment systems. A good example is PayPal or Mercado Pago : these 2 formulas refer you to encrypted platforms at the time of making the payment. You can even make a disbursement in the event that something fails in the purchase, or if it was not what we have been waiting for ( extra protection ).

Get advice from the experts before buying

Also, you need to make sure you have the best on your side. Having quality IT consultants , such as Carlos Rojas , can be very useful.

In the same way, you can always consult with friends and family who have already bought on that site, and who have a good experience or help you research about that company.

These are some basic and essential tips that any user should remember before making an online purchase. If you keep them in mind, the probability of being cheated will be negligible.

The cloud is a concept we use to indicate the location outside of our own devices, but it is much more than a place where we store our files. The cloud is an integration and connection of services in an adapted and intelligent way . In this article we will explore the options when it comes to collaborative work.

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Collaboration between members of a team is not a new problem. While many project management practices tend to improve the way we handle documentation and the versioning process, reality says it has always been a technical barrier.

In order to overcome it, certain solutions that have emerged with cloud computing technologies are applied. But what is this practice really about?

Cloud computing

It is a paradigm and a computational practice that implies bringing the greatest amount of computing processes to devices that are located remotely , generally provided by a service provider such as cloud hosting . These computers can perform the same tasks as ours or even better, since they have better power and performance.

In this way, the so-called software as a service (SaaS for its acronym in English) has emerged which promises an improvement in access to information and ease of use together with speed of implementation. Work efficiency and productivity are increased by not having to install software locally , while costs are reduced by not having to involve extensive equipment and IT personnel.

Software as a service:

In this way, thousands of applications can be accessed through the browser, some for free and others for payment according to the plan and the corresponding subscription. Many of them known to those who want to know how to make a personal blog (WordPress and other CMS). The services and applications occur in various fields, but one of the most developed is the office automation field , where documents, presentations and spreadsheets have their place.

Online edition:

The premise of these systems in the cloud is to be able to provide a space to store the files shared with the team and to be able to edit them together through the browser. Systems like these can occur in various ways such as:

Add-on cloud software:
It is a parallel system that emerges as a copy of a main one, but in the cloud. The perfect example of this is Microsoft’s Office Online, which complements and syncs with its collaborative editing and storage service.

Core cloud software:

It is a system or platform that has no local equivalent, but runs entirely in the cloud.

Private cloud software:
It is a system that runs from the browser, either through the Internet or on a local network, but that allows the management of documents and files of the work team with greater control of the service and their storage. These platforms must be installed and configured on a server, which requires more dedication and technical knowledge, but allows the organization to control all aspects of this practice.

Next, we will explore some of the systems that allow us to carry out these practices: