How to wear a long printed dress: tips for different occasions

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Knowing how to wear a long printed dress is the dream of every woman who admires the delicacy and feminine elegance. Being a sophisticated and versatile piece, the long dress is almost a mandatory item in the closet , because, with its different prints, colors and cuts, it is possible to use it on formal and informal occasions.

For, of course, women want to be well dressed and at ease in all aspects of life, not just at events and congresses, for example. Therefore, Via Evangélica has prepared a complete content with many tips that will help you use the long prints both during the day and at night. Come on!

For the day: long and printed dresses

Sun, blue sky and pleasant weather. This combination has everything to make the day special, doesn’t it? Even more when we have a special occasion to go. However, that day can be made even better with a blue printed dress .

The Jany Pim brand has long printed dresses produced entirely with super comfortable fabrics, such as viscose begonia. In addition, they are lined to promote safety, meaning it is perfect for daytime occasions. So, when you receive the invitation to leave, you already know that it is very worthwhile to choose this type of piece. And there’s more:

With a marked waist and asymmetric bar, you are guaranteed a feminine look with a lot of movement , being the final touch for elegance. Finally, you can compose your look with low-heeled sandals and accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. Liked? Now check out our tip for informal evening events khaadi.

Informal evening events: how to wear a long print dress

When thinking about informal events at night, we soon associate them with glamor and refinement . However, it is important to be cautious when choosing the printed dress, as it is not just any look that ends up being suitable for this occasion.

The Fascínius brand is a reference when it comes to long dresses for special occasions. With their sophisticated and modern pieces, they manage to achieve the goal of making all women the protagonists themselves.

With pieces made of polyester, it is possible to spend hours at the event in comfort. Today, you can find sets in navy blue entirely printed with discreet flowers and lined skirts.

The delicacy, in turn, is due to the wealth of details in the modeling. As the skirt is usually long, it has a high waistline. So, you have a contemporary and sophisticated look.
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Formal event during the day: elegance in the right measure

One of the main doubts of women when choosing the look for formal events during the day is how to combine the lightness of the day with the seriousness of the event. So, continue with us to see how you can be super well dressed and appropriate for the occasion:

The event doesn’t ask for stripped and super printed looks, does it? Thus, one of the best pieces for these occasions is the long dresses with evasé modeling , a super important detail to raise the level of sophistication.

As a brand focused on the evangelical female audience, Via Tolentino hits the nail on the head in each collection. An example of this are dresses with cutouts throughout the piece, discreet slits in the hem and 3/4 sleeves khaadi summer sale. With all this mixture of details and special cutouts, you guarantee a charming look that brings care to every detail.

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Formal evening event
We at Via Evangélica can summarize our tip for this occasion in two words: all black . The classics dressed entirely in black is the key to being stunning at formal events at night.

Currently the Cloá brand has pieces produced in fluity mesh and with loose modeling, bringing uniqueness and exclusivity.

With pieces made with short sleeves and neckline from shoulder to shoulder, you have a sophisticated look and suitable for events such as congresses, meetings, among others. To compose the look, it is worth opting for high heels and accessories with more personality.

But, of course, we could not fail to give an incredible tip on how to wear a printed dress on these occasions: Cloá, always keeping an eye on the main trends , also has dresses with asymmetrical shapes modeling.

The charm is due to the plaid prints that bring all modernity and elegance, and can also be used on informal occasions.

For every occasion, several stunning options

In this post, you could see that for each event and time of day it is possible to find stunning options of long dresses with print. All this because the great brands of evangelical fashion always offer the best collections of dresses that fulfill all the requirements for an elegant look: delicacy and personality without giving up discretion.

Now that you have learned how to wear long dresses on different occasions, you are prepared to delight everyone with all their essence and personality in a sophisticated way. After all, the best part of composing a look for each type of event is getting it right and still feeling comfortable and confident.

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