Plus size gospel fashion – General tips!

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The fashion plus size gasps l is growing more and more to the evangelical women.

For a long time the standard of beauty was established in a single type of body and, therefore, the pieces of clothing were limited to this aesthetic imposition, never renewing its range of options.

Today, we find several stores adhering to the plus size model , covering fashion for different bodies and styles, taking into account the social rise that women have achieved since the last century. Modeling starts at GG for blouses and 48 for pants.

Even though it started in the 20th century, plus size fashion only started to gain space in 2010 and, from then on, it continues to be strengthened and supporting market trends.

Many women tend to invest in wider clothes when they gain weight, and are no longer concerned with style, especially Christians who do not want to mark their bodies. However, with a few tricks and the right clothes, you will see that it is possible to look beautiful and elegant, regardless of weight.khaadi eid collection

Are there options within the plus size gospel fashion?

As we mentioned earlier, the plus size gospel fashion is progressing a lot, however, there are stores that have not yet implemented the novelty to their stocks. But, fortunately, due attention has been paid. Evangelical stores, such as Via Evangélica itself , offer a complete category only for the plus size public.

And it’s not just a style! Several brands began to invest in plus size fashion khaadi sale, creating a variety of incredible models to enhance the woman’s body , giving shape to their curves, without vulgarizing. The result has been a success! There are different elegant and sophisticated pieces to compose looks for any occasion.

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General Tips for Plus Size Evangelicals
As Christian women , we know that we need to appreciate the description when it comes to dressing, but that doesn’t mean we have to go out in basic and baggy clothes, see? It is completely possible to look beautiful without having to mark the body and draw attention.

Take a look at the tips we’ve separated for you!

Dress to your taste!

Our biggest tip is: find your style! Don’t be afraid, try and choose pieces that please you, that make you feel good and comfortable.

Do not dress for others, dress for yourself and never forget that you are precious to God and should spread Jesus to people with words, but also with actions and dress.

Bet on looks that make you confident and not just for being fashionable, opt for clothes that enhance your silhouette.

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Buy clothes your size.
Many women believe that, to hide the weight, a loose T-shirt and dress are the best options. However, in fact, it is quite the opposite! Loose clothes will leave you with an enlarged image.

Therefore, buy pieces of your size, a larger number is not necessary, they transmit a loose look, as if you were wearing a clothing that does not belong to you.

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Invest in accessories.
Long necklaces, bags and belts make a big difference in looks! In addition to implementing the look, they are great tricks to give proportion to the body.

Marking the waist with a belt, for example, creates a beautiful shape and helps to discreetly outline the body.

The necklaces elongate the silhouette , as well as the V-neck. Medium- length handbags disguise the broad hips , while small bags increase the silhouette.

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Gas sleeves are beautiful!
¾ sleeves are wild for plus size fashion ! In addition to being beautiful and stylish, they show only the thinnest part of the arm, hiding that fat and sharpening the silhouette.

blog fashion plus size three quarter sleeve

Prints can indeed!
Most women who gain a few pounds usually discard the prints of the looks, but it is not necessary! The plus size gospel fashion is full of models to be used!

Prints are beautiful and should not be removed from your wardrobe! The tip is to bet on vertical lines and dark backgrounds and small and medium designs to help stretch.

blog fashion plus size print dress

blog fashion plus size prints skirts
As we are talking about plus size gospel fashion, we need to pay attention to the length of our clothes, which does not mean that we should abandon the use of skirts and dresses.

The skirts in A and the pencil or straight model are perfect for those who are overweight.

Even better if they are high waisted to leave the body well shaped.

A-type skirts are ideal because they do not mark the body and lengthen the silhouette. The pencil or straight model values ​​the hip. Here, we advise you to get up to your knees so as not to lose your figure.

blog fashion plus size skirts

blog fashion plus size types skirts
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