Learn how to wear the vest in an elegant and stylish way!

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Many women choose the vest , but have no idea how to wear it. In fact, most give up using the piece because they do not find combinations that can be beautiful with it.

However, what many don’t know is that the vest is super versatile and full of functionality!

No matter the weather or the time of day, when choosing the right vest for the occasion, it is able to add extra charm to your look.

There are adaptable vests for various types of clothing and there are more specific ones, such as sportswear. Searching for the model that matches your style will always be the best option. And there is no lack of model diversification! You can find pieces with cut and tailoring fabric, printed and plain fabrics, jeans, crochet or knitting, leather, short or longer, with or without stones… The variety helps women of different styles to find their ideal vest khaadi eid collection!

And knowing how to use it can be easier than you think, believe me! They usually fit with various types of clothing. The secret is to get used to it and invest without fear!

The fabric ones, especially, look good with almost all the pieces of the female wardrobe . The jeans give a stripped and youthful look, ideal for composing casual looks. The leather ones give a more rock’n roll image, leaving the look super stylish. The fur ones are charming and convey more femininity to the look. The longest is great for disguising large hips and the knitting or crochet ones provide incomparable delicacy to the look.

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How to wear the vest on colder days?

For cold days, the best options are leather, quilts and fur. Of course, that doesn’t stop others from being used, too, okay? But and how to use them? Which look are they best for winter?

It’s not that complicated! What you need is to pay attention to the color and material of the vest and the rest of the clothes.

There is no secret to using it on cold days. Just throw it over the look you usually wear and you’re done. Remember that this is a composition. It is possible to choose both tighter and wider blouses. The idea is that the piece will add positively to your production, whether to make it less flashy, or even more impressive!

An example of a combination is choosing a jeans model and a white knit blouse. But if the look seems basic for the winter, just replace it with a black leather or fur vest, add a heel and that’s it. You will already be properly dressed for an elegant event!

The denim vest makes the look more casual and stylish, taking on a youthful tone, however. The tailoring cut, on the other hand, would make the look serious and a matelasse would give an air of casualness.

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Collect during the day – Do you agree?

The vest at night is more common, because we usually associate them only with looks with a suit and tie, something more formal and that maybe never possible in a casual look.

Knowing how to use the piece on a daily basis and without discomfort is an extremely important point, since many women fail to take advantage of it because of this paradigm.

As we mentioned earlier, the vest is versatile and fits in many situations. For the day, he is able to transform the casual look into a stylish and sometimes elegant model, but without losing its relaxed character, being perfect for going to work, walking in the afternoon, etc.

Now you know, wearing a vest during the day is fine! Only he will compose that unique and differentiated touch to your basic look! And the coolest thing about using it is being able to have fun with combinations, because the piece fits with different models of clothes, such as those of few colors, monochromatic, jeans, with black or white T-shirt , with flowery dresses , among others. The ideal is to invest in light and strong colors for the summer. To finish the look with excellence, sneakers and flat shoes are the best options!