It currently has 24 models, including t-shits, shorts, skirt and pants.

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For a long time evangelical women did not have many clothing options to do physical activities, what they did have were very short and tight, which is not consistent with the principles of many churches.

Identifying this need in the national market, the Epulari brand was born, an exclusive online store of evangelical fitness fashion. Epulari came with the objective of supplying this difficulty that evangelical women have to find a comfortable look, and at the same time behaved for their daily activities. May she go to the gym, do an outdoor activity, but also meet her needs at any time and place of the day.

Epulari in Latin means Alegre, which is totally the brand concept, bringing joy, self-esteem, for evangelical women, where she can do whatever she wants.

Models that were developed with a lot of love and care, were 120 days of modeling adjustments, exclusive and unique. The raw materials are all of quality and of a specific technology for physical activity khaadi online.

Long dresses are pieces for all occasions, yes! That a woman loves to walk well dressed is nothing new for anyone. But, there are those who are still left behind when it comes to long dresses . If you are part of this group that thinks that the piece is ideal only for formal events, to go to church or celebrations, it is time to change this idea.

The long model conveys a more elegant air to the look, but, believe me, it is possible to completely transform it. Accessories are there to help us, to make us even more beautiful and produced, without indecency. We just need to adapt and combine.

Work, walks, celebrations, church, parties, social events, lunch with the family, ice cream with friends … In any situation a long dress fits. Want to know how? Continue reading and check out the incredible tips we have prepared for you!


Long dresses for parties: how to choose?

For parties, the dress is a classic piece. There’s no mistake. I mean … If you don’t know how to choose, there is a mistake. But, we will help you to become even more beautiful without forgetting the Christian premises.

Well, first of all, it is important to think about what kind of party you are going to. Is it a work party? A relative’s birthday party? A wedding party? Church feast? Only then can you start to develop the ideal look . After all, it has nothing to do with wearing the company or church holiday dress to go to a children’s birthday, during the day, for example.rang rasiya

For more formal parties, like wedding, work , bet on straighter long dresses, mermaid model, with lace applications, sequins, high collar. The colors and prints are at your discretion, can be smooth, printed. Does not matter. Both of them never go out of style and renew each season.

Our tip is: take into account the time of day when the party will take place. Will it be day or night? For the day, opt for lighter shades, floral prints, but without exaggeration. During the night, the sober colors, like wine, dark blue, black, always go very well. However, this is not an established rule. And don’t forget the accessories, they play an important role in production.

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Long casual dresses: how and when to wear them?
As its name says, they are casual dresses, which can be worn on a daily basis, without that initial idea of sophistication and formality. It’s time to relax, go out for ice cream, go for a walk in the mall or the park with your friends, catch a movie. Without worries, all we need for these situations is comfort.

And you can go in a long dress. The jeans models, striped, floral loose, are there for that. They combine the characteristic beauty of the piece, with versatility, style and comfort. For sunny days, nothing better than a floral with a ruffle, very loose and fresh, combined with a flat sandal and a transversal bag. – Put the sunglasses in the bag, you will need it rang rasiya.

The long denim dresses, in addition to being on the rise, are stylish . Can you imagine harmonizing a model with white sneakers, a shoulder bag and a beautiful earring? It’s ready for any tour! Jeans, in general, are very welcome for casual situations. So, when in doubt, go in jeans!

Long social dress, ideal for church commitments

Church events deserve extra attention and a unique topic. After all, the house of the Lord is a special place and celebrations are also. Usually, church parties are more elaborate and require a touch of elegance and formality. So, you can’t go with such a simple model.

Again, take into account the time of the occasion. Do not forget that some models used during the day do not look good for the night and vice versa. More elaborate production does not mean exaggeration. This is not what we want, this is not what lies within Christian modesty. Therefore, we must choose carefully.

Florals, lace applications, subtle prints, neutral colors, all these options combine to use during the day and are super delicate . Invest in a sober colored heel sandal, with thin straps, a beautiful and ready necklace. For the night, the tip goes to the dark sober colors. Nude or black sandals look beautiful. Experiment and analyze the result.