How to wear jeans skirts without error?

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Denim skirts are pieces that are part of the life of evangelical women.

Yes! They are always composing our looks ! Regardless of the environment we are going to, the denim skirt fits well and is a garment that makes it possible to live the principles without worries, because it makes women more beautiful and conveys a lot of respect to their ideals.

Jeans are one of the most durable fabrics in the fashion world, they are the true translation of practicality. By combining this resistant and comfortable fabric with the femininity of the skirt, we have a youthful and timeless piece that circulates in the church, on the sidewalks, perfect for work commitments, family meetings and friends …

If the options are so many that you are in doubt, come check out our tips and learn how to wear jeans skirts without error!

How to wear Jeans skirts in everyday life?

As we said, there are many situations in which the denim skirt can be used! Everything will depend on the combinations to be made and what task you have to perform on a daily basis. After all, being well dressed is a matter of reference with the context: where are you, with whom, for what?

There is a wide variety of models of denim skirts, for all tastes and situations, let’s think about some activities of the Christian woman:khaadi pret sale

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Denim skirts are wild pieces for cults and gatherings!
Cults and gatherings are special occasions, as they are moments of celebration and the evangelical woman wants to be well dressed and – at the same time – complying with Christian principles : wearing skirts that are below the knees, and that are not glued, excessively marking its curves.

Skirts with details, washes and textures are the most requested for these moments! It’s time to put on the most elaborate denim skirt, with more props, so that the look is more enhanced. Another tip is to invest in pieces with khaadi pret salecuts that value the body.

A great option to modernize the denim skirt is to throw a denim shirt on the top with the same coloring. This monochrome effect is very popular! It is modern, stylish and respectful. To break the “sameness” of the look, bet on shoes and bags with colors or prints.

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Plain or printed denim skirts: which one to wear in formal situations?

Both! The only concern to have at that moment is with the top. The smooth denim skirt and the one with the print can be worn at all times, even in the most formal events. Our tip is that you know how to elaborate the look completely.

In the case of the printed skirt, try to be consistent with the colors of the print, with the format of the prints and drawings. Make the t-shirt, shirt, vest, blouse, among other options, be in the same shade and do not fight with all the attention that the print asks for. The t-shirts basiquinhas are a great option, invest in accessories around her face, to balance the look.

In the case of plain denim skirt, throw all your attention to the top, shoes and bag. In this formal event situation, you can put on an elegant heel, a well-starched shirt and a cluntch or envelope style bag.

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Denim skirts with bell or pencil modeling, now what?
Regardless of the occasion, the first issue we need to consider in this case is the difference between the skirts. When the denim skirt leaves the usual cut and appears as a bell or pencil it changes its configuration. That’s because the modeling of the bell skirt is extremely bulky and the pencil skirt is super dry.

Combine a knee-length pencil skirt with tops that aren’t as glued together, like a silk shirt. If the shirt is transparent, no problem, put a tank top underneath to keep the lingerie on display. If the place you’re going to isn’t so formal, put on a shirt and a scarf tied around your neck, it looks beautiful!

The bell skirt, which is wide open at the hem, asks you to combine basic styles as harmoniously as possible. To favor the combination of pieces, avoid using ruffles, prints and textures on the top, feet and accessories. The bell skirt is an event in itself and you need its space to work well.

Dear reader, did you realize that, in order not to go wrong wearing a denim skirt, you just need to know how to create the set?

Denim skirts are pieces of great taste, useful and necessary, because, in addition to doing very well for the self-esteem of the evangelical woman, they are extremely versatile. Check out all the denim skirt options we have discussed on the Via Evangélica website. (CLICK HERE)