Types of skirts: choose the one that suits you best!

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Extremely multifaceted clothing, the skirt is an indispensable piece for the wardrobe of evangelicals

The piece is synonymous with femininity and versatility , and the good news is that there are many different types of skirt for you to assemble your looks: from the traditional straight modeling to the asymmetric modern. The new models, colors and asymmetries are being reinvented to meet the needs more and more.

Via Evangélica separated the best trends tips from evangelical skirts, ideal for women who value their Christian principles in their routines, always dress well and according to trends without giving up modesty. And today it will be possible to get to know each of the models and learn to compose incredible visuals with each one. Check out!

Denim skirts: practical, versatile… true wild cards!

The denim skirts are one wildcard female cabinet! It is impossible not to have one of these to beat everyday, or even those more elaborate for parties or dinners. She is one of those that cannot be missing from our list! And among them, we have variations in lengths, tones and colors!

Resistant and versatile, they work with any type of body, depending only on the chosen cut and your taste to create the perfect look . However, combining them with more sophisticated shirts and shoes are good options if you khaadi sale  emphasize greater elegance.

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Midi skirts: the most darling
The Exit Midi returned with it a few years ago and promises to stay for a long time! She has a high waist and length below the knee, reaching up to a few fingers before the ankle. The model is super retro , especially the rounder ones that resemble the clothes of 1950, the year in which midi fashion emerged.

Modeling works well for slim, tall women with long legs. The skirt helps to balance the entire body and brings a doll effect . But the short ones are also free to use, especially in the pleated model, which helps to lengthen the profile. Just combine with a jump to help not flatten the silhouette.

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Long skirts: classic and elegant

The Skirts Long are more versatile than you might think! Modern and elegant , they are making a big hit among women, combined with different types of t-shirts and complementing both formal looks and the more casual.

Generally, its length is from the waist to the ankles, so it is the ideal version to enhance the body with a rectangular shape – but it does not mean that it cannot be used in other physical types. The tips for the short ones are: invest in a heel just so as not to shorten your legs, use closer or monochromatic tones and avoid large bags, which contribute to the impression that you are smaller.

long skirt blog postThe Godê skirt is all romantic and relaxed! It has an A model, with a round extension, leaving the body full of movements. This model resembles the princesses’ skirts, bringing that ladylike style due to the delicacy.

It is great to use with tighter blouses, as it draws attention by the amount of fabric used in its folds. It also harmonizes perfectly with thin or thick belts and small bags – and, of course, with high-heeled shoes.

This is the one that matches the most varied types of bodies! Because it is bulky on the hip, it looks great for women with a rectangular silhouette, as it creates the effect of thin waist and width at the hip.

In addition, it can be used to harmonize the silhouette with the shape of the inverted triangle, giving volume to the hip and matching the width of the shoulder, as well as to the pear body, disguising the hip as it is not a sticky fabric. Too versatile, isn’t it?

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Bell Skirts: to enhance any body!

The skirts Bell have just modeling in the hip and open bottom, usually with a babadinho at the tip, which can be more Larguinho, asymmetrical (shorter in front) or the same size. They are usually super elegant and delicate , in addition to having a very democratic cut, used both during the day and at night.

Regarding the physical type, they go well with proportional shapes, such as hourglass (hip and shoulder of the same width), disguising the wide hip due to the ruffle below. It is worth remembering that high heels are always the best option for this model, as they provide more elegance and help to lengthen the silhouette.

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Evasê skirts: volume in the right measure!

The evasê skirt has a delicate and graceful grip , due to its tight waist and the A shape along the length. The tip is to always choose to use the blouses inside the skirt to highlight the waist, or bet on a cropped one.

If you have a broad hip, the evasê is perfect to “camouflage it”, especially in jeans and solid colors. In addition, it also helps to hide the tummy and balances the silhouette . For the shorter ones, choose the length above the knee.

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Pencil Skirts: our true passion
The Pencil Skirt is the model that, together with the Straight Skirt, presents an executive and more serious identity. But, over the years, it has gained space in stripped looks when combined with t-shits, and in more elegant looks, for weddings and parties.

In pencil it highlights the woman’s hips, making the hourglass body very beautiful, but it is nice to balance it with a wide blouse so as not to attract so much attention and keep the look decency.

You have the possibility to use the wide blouse in front, with the back loose, forming a delicate look that does not detract from the beauty of the female silhouette. If you are uncomfortable with your hips, you can opt for dark colors to diminish that impression, the skirt will disguise you and you will still look beautiful !

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Straight Skirts – mandatory in your wardrobe!
Straight skirts have always been part of the daily life of the evangelical woman. In the past, with simpler and similar options, and today, loaded with style and personality in each color, pattern and detail.

The cut itself is always the same, the one with the length of the waist equal to that of the bar. For being more basic, bet on blouses with details, such as ruffles, lace or prints, to give an up in production.

The pear body harmonizes with the straight cut, as it gives more emphasis to the shoulders. The woman with a rectangular body should avoid this skirt, as it does not provide the necessary evidence for the waist.

If you are short, the skirt should be exactly on the knees and blouses out, stretching your profile. If it is high, the ideal length is below the knee and the blouse is inside.

Along with the pencil, the Straight Skirts are part of the executive routine of the evangelical woman, but they can also be used in more serious parties or cults, due to the amount of different models that are on the market today, leaving the obvious and bringing new options .

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Pleated Skirts – modern and stripped
The Pleated Skirt gets its name precisely because of the accordion effect created by the fabric. Combines with basic blouses, keeping all attention on the skirt.

It is the perfect alternative to increase the hips of the inverted triangle body. It also looks good for the hourglass and rectangle, you just need attention to the hip. If yours is wide and you want to disguise it, the ideal is to avoid this modeling.