Fashion Evangelical Summer


Evangelical fashion, for a long time, was summarized in some pieces and ended up being forgotten by the fashion world. This scenario has changed and the segment has become quite broad, involving several models and styles and now you can choose yours and walk with elegance and charm wherever you not far from this premise and arrives full of news. Come check out which pieces will continue on the rise and which releases will make up the hottest season of the year.

1- Overlap
Overlays have been on the rise for a few seasons and will continue to be a strong trend once again. It refers to the 1990s and has the peculiarity of giving even more style to dresses, jeans shirts and even long dresses.
They are perfect for days when the weather is milder. Just add a strap dress with a t-shirt or shirt and you have a completely new look. The overlapping piece can be printed, smooth, colored, black, short, khaadi long, jeans,
loose, with a marked waist, you are the one who determines which model best fits your profile. The overlapping piece may be the same color as the dress, but the most common is still plain white T-shirts.
Another very beautiful composition is the denim shirts that gain more charm when overlaid with thin strap tank tops, it is as if you had acquired a new piece to compose your wardrobes.

dress with overlap

2 – Midi models
This model has a length just below the knee, they are super feminine and can be used on several occasions. They will continue to increase this summer 2019, mainly in evangelical fashion. Smooth, patterned, loose, tighter, the model was acclaimed by the catwalks
guaranteeing elegance and sophistication, in addition to allowing the combination of more trends in the same look, such as the stripes, the stripes are still on high for being timeless.
You can bet on dresses or skirts, the tip to get away from the more office look is to combine it with flatter shoes or with the medium heel. For more casual versions, opt for more loose models, but if the goal is to have class for
more formal events , the tube models fulfill this role very well.

midi dress midi skirt jeans how to wear

3 – Pleated Models
Pleats are another trend that has been established and will continue. They fit very well in evangelical fashion and guaranteed their space for summer 2019. As they present pleats, which make the pleat effect, they do not require very heavy prints, but may contain the florals that match the season. You can create beautiful, sophisticated looks and also more casual looks just by changing the combination of the top and the shoes. If your goal is for a more serious moment, use it with a plain shirt or with more sober prints, but if the intention is to use it on a daily basis, opt for shirts with sleeves that are more tight to the body.
Monochromatic or multi-color tones are also beautiful. A very nice aspect of the model is that they can vary in size, being shorter, midi or long, you just need to choose your favorite khaadi summer sale.

pleated midi skirt how to wear

4. Modern princess fashion
Have you heard of modern princess fashion? It is nothing more than a princess reinvented for today. It is the perfect bet for those who like the magical world of princesses in contrast to the modernity of our time. Long, floral, ruffled dresses with a marked waistline are the face of this trend. The skirts of the dresses are more bulky in more fluid or heavier fabrics. Bet on looks with boleros or manguinha because they combine perfectly with evangelical fashion. The lace can also appear in details of the pieces and bring an even more romantic look.

long dress fashion princess modern

5- Ruffles
The ruffles were successful in the winter and will continue to increase in summer 2019. They can appear in both upper and lower parts. Its main feature is to bring a little romanticism to the pieces. They can be in details such as bows, or more prominent as in sleeves of shirts and also in the hem of skirts and dresses. These pieces are usually more discreet and tight, leaving all the attention to the ruffles. If the goal is to compose a bolder look, bet on floral pieces combined with heavier shoes, in this way, it breaks the present softness a little.

blouse with ruffles

6 – Structured shoulders
The shoulders will be the highlight of this season. The women’s shirt will gain even more prominence with structured shoulders. There will be several models, such as oversized, ruffles, lame mule, puffers and shoulder pads. Emphasize your shoulders and choose to use combinations of structured shoulders with pieces that mark the waist, thus balancing the volume and leaving the composition elegant and sophisticated.

dress blouses with structured shoulders

7 -Transparencies
Transparency has always been closely associated with nighttime productions, but this season, the trend will be successful in daytime looks. The most common fabrics are tulle, voil, organza, crepe, gazard and muslin. The colors vary, but the ones that stand out the most are black, pastels and nude. Transparency can appear as the main highlight of the piece or just be in detail. But one way of wearing it that is successful in evangelical fashion is as an overlay, a transparent top over a tank top or covering the entire dress, for example.

wearing blouse with transparency

8 – Maxi Models
The maxi models are synonymous with comfort and in evangelical fashion appear in pieces such as cardigan maxi and maxi bolero. The cardigan maxi is classic, comfortable and very versatile. They combine with different styles and for the summer, the man sleeve models are ideal, especially for days
when the temperature drops a lot at night. This trend transforms stylish looks into even the most basic combinations. Another piece that in maxi size has everything to make the most beautiful compositions is the bolero. It has become an essential piece in the Christian woman’s wardrobe. It is
super comfortable and gives a more stripped look to the productions.

maxi bolero maxi cardigan

9- Dress with suspenders
The suspenders once belonged exclusively to the male wardrobe and were intended to hold the pants, like a belt. Today, they received other functions, are more modern and make up fashionistas productions. The function of holding pants has been changed and now it appears in dresses too. This is the newest evangelical fashion trend for summer 2019. The dresses with suspenders are beautiful and have the most loose skirt. You can use it with more basic t-shirts or trendy shirts. They look beautiful with pumps, sandals, booties and sneakers.

dress with suspenders

10 – Prints: polka dot, plaid and stripes
Summer is a time that conveys happiness, with more vivid colors and more fluid prints. For this year, polka dots, stripes and plaid will dominate the wardrobes. PoĆ” is a classic and fun print. The most common colors in which it appears is black with white polka dots or the opposite version, white with black polka dots. In evangelical fashion, she is present in dresses and skirts. The print can be in the entire piece or in a mix with other prints. Skirts look very elegant when worn with plain or colored blouses. Chess arrived with everything in winter and will remain strong and strong in summer. The print appears from more classic models to more modern versions. The checkered suit won its summer version. The print appears on midi skirts in the most varied colors and models, perfect for Christian women who like to dress elegantly. The stripes have already marked your space as a timeless print and are reinvented each season. This time, they will not have a pattern, they will appear with varying thickness, new shapes and color combinations.

plaid midi skirt and plaid blouse

11 – Colors: pastels, white, lavender and red
Summer is very colorful. The colors that will stand out the most will be pastel tones, lavender, which was chosen the color of the year by Pantone, white and red. The trend of pastel tones appears mixed with strong colors and in heavier pieces, such as long skirts, models with buttons on the front, to break a little of the delicacy of these colors. It combines very well with looks for events during the day, such as morning services, weddings or teas. White will appear in the most diverse shades, like ice white and off white. The total white look gained sophistication and left the face of a New Year’s party aside. Lavender is a soft shade that allows for many combinations. It can appear in various fabrics, strolling between knits, blazer, sequin dresses or in more discreet appearances, like small prints or details of looks Red is the highlight of this summer. It comes bright, alive and unforgettable, it will be a color for anyone who wants to be remembered. The combination with pink is the most striking. In evangelical fashion it is perfect for women who like to dare a little in their look without losing their elegance and can be present in both the skirt and the blouses.