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Did you know that baking soda is a powerful ally, not only in medicine and in the kitchen, but also to help with the cleaning and conservation of clothes and shoes? Not!? So today, we at Upperbag are going to present you five tips with baking soda to save your clothes, and our stylist’s special secrets to make your clothes undeniably cleaner, and thus, well cared for longer with this cheap ingredient, in a simple and easy way. fast.

First of all, there is no point in reading tips on how to dress well, having your entire wardrobe stuffed with trendy pieces , always being well regarded for the way you dress, and sometimes walking with stained clothes, dirty sneakers, or not knowing how to wash clothes and how to keep clothes as well as shoes, bags and accessories. Thus, for all this to have a useful life that is well used, our stylist gave five tips with baking , all powerful and simple, to save your life.


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tips with bicarbonate to remove bad smell from shoes
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First of all, we can not stop talking about a subject that may be taboo for many, but it is a reality, which is the bad smell, the famous foot odor that is in the shoes. Our feet also perspire , and in the long run, they are likely to leave that unwanted smell on our sneakers, boots and the like.

That is, in this list of tips with bicarbonate , there is a light. For those who have shoes that have a stronger odor after a full day of use, baking soda is an infallible ally: just put a tablespoon in each of your shoes. Then, spread it out well, and let it rest for an entire night. The next day, then remove the excess and you’re done! Your sneakers, shoes or boots will have no unpleasant smell to tell the story rang rasiya lawn.


cleaning shoes with baking soda

Without a doubt, we all love white sneakers that are always clean. And there are also baking tips to keep your sneakers as clean as if you just left the store. To do this, just get a tablespoon of baking soda plus a spoonful of detergent, whatever you have at home. Make a little mix with these two ingredients, but mix very well. Brush all over the shoes, making movements to clean well, and then rinse to remove all the mixture. Ready! As a result, your sneakers will turn white!


white clothes with yellow spots

Not only have you learned how to save your sneakers, but you will also have baking tips to get the yellow out of your clothes. Those yellowish stains that can remain in the armpits , for example, due to the use of deodorant , which inevitably ends up accumulating together with the sweat on the piece.

In a bucket or container, add a cup of baking soda for every five liters of water. Soak your white clothes overnight in this mixture. After that, wash them normally. And ready! Snow white and spotless.


Generally in white clothes, over time, yellow spots may appear on the garments, very common in light garments, after being stored for a long time, for example.

To solve, we also have tips with bicarbonate that are foolproof: In principle, mix the juice of half a lemon plus a tablespoon of baking soda. Soon after, this mixture will form a foam. Shake well. Apply the mixture to the stains and let it act for 45 minutes.

Then let it soak with water and soap (whichever you prefer) for 1h30, and after this process, wash normally. Ready! His white clothes were clean and without any unwanted stains.


tips for leaving your clothes clean

Baking tips to save your dirty clothes? Of course we do! In fact, just make a mixture of baking soda with the vinegar that you have at home. With the help of a brush, apply on clothes, and let it act for a few minutes. Once this is done, wash as normal. Then you will see the magic! Clean clothes!


Did you write down all these super valuable tips? We are sure that you will be surprised when you see the effectiveness of this miracle product. But tell us if you used any of our tips and were satisfied nishat linen online?

If you have any other magic tricks, comment here and let’s go over this chain to help our clothes stay clean and kept longer. If you love clothes and always want to be in trends, visit the Upperbag website ! It’s a new way to buy clothes without leaving home and with special tips from our stylist team especially for your style.