Today we at Upperbag are going to talk about different styles of the famous ones, and we chose four personalities.


We took pictures of these stylish women, and copied their look; and then we will make an adaptation for our own style to stay with the “famous style” with the clothes we have at home, transforming and discovering within our wardrobes several wild, practical and full of looks. As a result, let’s see which style of celebrities is the one that suits you best, according to your own wardrobe!

Today you will have, not only several tips and inspirations for looks that are always on the rise in fashion trends, based on the style of the famous. In this text, for sure, you will learn how to produce yourself in their trends. First, let’s get to know the names of the four famous celebrities and each of their styles:


When we talk about the expression and style of the famous, not just on display through the way of dressing, we can not stop talking about her. In other words, following this trend of Big Brother Brazil, we chose the singer and actress, Manu Gavassi , one of the finalists in the last edition of the program, BBB 20.

Manu has already entered the program not only with the controversy of red sandals, but was also striking and full of attitude in the looks of each party, in addition to the modern micro bob haircut that, with modern effect, has always given extra charm in any occasion. Thus, Manu showed a lot of personality in the looks he wore during the program.

Manu Gavassi in leopard jumpsuit with controversial red sandals and pouch

We quickly researched Manu’s old looks before she entered the BBB, and surprisingly discovered a modern, creative and even a little sexy style.

She is always attentive to trends, loves wearing puff sleeves, and loves to bet on controversies, not only with red sandals, but also with the fashion of cyclist shorts, which Kim Kardashian wore and caused a lot too. So, Manu is always eyeing not only the fashion trends, she is tuned in the world of world celebrities.

Mani Gavassi wasting style with his cyclist shorts and branded bag

Manu also uses and abuses prints, such as leopard prints and tie dye. One of the things she likes most is to mix basic productions mixed with skateboard pieces, in addition to the classic and accurate mixture of basic pieces , like jeans and T-shirt, with a branded bag, which gives a look to the look. These details of the handbags of famous brands, are always in the costumes of Manu Gavassi, and the singer loves to use the wonderful handbags Michael Kors.

Of course, undeniably she is always full of attitude, and shows this very well when choosing accessories, in a mix of striking necklaces, rings and earrings, to compose a basic look. It is one of the characteristics that makes it striking!

The base look-inspired photo we took, Manu is wearing a mega stylish slip dress, a dress with many gemstone applications, full of details. It overlaps with the white T-shirt , and in the accessories, just a little chain and a earring nishat linen online.

Bruna Marquezine oozing sensuality in a silk slit dress


Following this super inspiration from Big Brother Brasil, friends, BFF’s, we took another iconic celebrity style, which is the actress and model Bruna Marquezine .

Bruna carries a sexy and modern style that suits her a lot. Meanwhile, in her day-to-day compositions, she always likes to mix tailoring pieces with other basic pieces. So, almost always she has jeans , a T-shirt , and an equally stylish blazer as a third piece complement. Classic , basic and charming.

Bruna Marquezine with the basics that will never go out of style with jeans, blazer and T-shirt

One of Bruna Marquezine’s favorite pieces is croppeds. By the way, she is always with some, be it a lace cropped, a checkered cropped, going through the styles of fine feminine sport attire, casual and sensual, mixing the harmony of this joker piece with jeans , sweatshirt or skirt, also pulling to that side sexiest she carries. Bruna loves the fashion long skirt with slit, and of course, the long skirt with cropped.

In addition to casual pieces, the actress loves to show off her beauty with sensual pieces and feminine social clothes, with deep necklines, slits and more, that enhance her body, such as this long skirt with slits, for example.

To take this striking style, and combine it with a practical composition for everyday life, we take inspirations from the union between the basic and the elegant, which can then be useful for work, however. We used a photo of Bruna that she is exactly wearing a nice pair of jeans , a T-shirt and a blazer.


Carolina Ferraz with striking style and her feminine undercut

Now let’s get a little out of the “generation y” girls style. In contrast to the cool footprint, we take inspiration from a style full of personality that is that of actress and presenter Carolina Ferraz . She manages to adapt her looks with a more contemporary fashion touch, boasting style with her feminine undercut cut.

Carolina mixes a more chic and sporty style, so even though she is wearing simple jeans and a white T-shirt, she can add accessories or striking pieces , like a red boot, or super stylish shoes, for example.

The actress loves to bet on the compositions of looks with accessories. One of the key accessories that Carolina always uses, giving a show of style, are the large, square glasses, with very dark, or even colored lenses, and also similarly to Marquezine, she likes to use tailoring with casual pieces . This, certainly, became a striking characteristic of the style of the famous: The sunglasses in the compositions.

Carolina Ferraz with fashion look with leather jacket and sunglasses

But she doesn’t just use the blazer with mastery. She loves to wear it with a T-shirt underneath that has a pattern of animated characters, always as a complement to that more fan touch to the look, as well as giving a fun look. Thus, as a reference, we took a photo that she is wearing more basic jeans, with a black blouse and a jacket on top, on her feet a heel, which in other words, is style for sure.

We took one of the most classic and elegant references of the famous style to comment last. We speak, therefore, of the refined style of the presenter and journalist, Fátima Bernardes . She is a reference for more mature women who are attuned to fashion , who always dress with good taste, and above all, always have credibility.

The presenter has a special “” for more elegant dresses , always wearing one more beautiful than the other. In addition, if the dress does not have this modeling, even so, it complements with very thin belts to mark the waist.

The sweethearts of Bernardes are the skirts of different styles, prints and always stretching the silhouette

Still following this line, she also likes to wear skirts with a higher waist, which shape the silhouette, preferably with neutral or striped colors, always in midi length (which in addition, is a nice trick to not flatten the silhouette). Note that she always wears this type of skirt with a sandal or high-heeled shoe that shows the instep, which also serves, first of all, to stretch.

Fátima Bernardes with basic flare jeans and a stylish shirt

As inspiration to put together a look, took a picture in which Fatima is wearing a shirt and a trouser jeans flare, which is also known as bell-bottom pants, and it’s a look that she also uses enough to present the program. It is this perfect combination of tailoring , with flare pants and shirt, therefore, that always give refinement