Top 5 models of women’s blouses that are in fashion!

Want a more democratic piece than women’s blouses?

Does not exist! They are true wild cards in the wardrobe. If the look is very basic, just choose a more elaborate blouse, with details, if it is already well presented, just bet on sober pieces. That’s how the game of creating looks works.

What we want to tell you, in fact, is that blouses are largely responsible for dictating the style you will wear the moment you choose them. They are able to transform the look completely! That is why there are so many model options, especially in the evangelical women’s fashion market.

If you like this fashionista universe, or if you at least like to stay tuned to what is up, you must understand the need to have several modalities of this piece in the closet, right? If your answer was yes, this post is for you! We have prepared a top 5 models of women’s blouses that have everything to present you.

Do you want to check which ones? Just keep reading!

Top 5 models of women’s blouses to have in your wardrobe!
The female evangelical fashion is renewed every season. It is the launch of clothes from here, the color trend there and yet another sea of ​​super interesting news. Everything changes, but the blouses remain: firm, strong, but very innovative in details!

Today, we brought 5 options that are on the rise so you can unleash your creativity and put together several incredible looks.

Take a look!

Women’s blouse with lace

We say that the blouses remain, because, in reality, what makes the new versions are created are the details. Details and more details!

It is the case of the application in income …

Have you noticed how the pieces with lace walk daily in women’s looks? It is not for less. The lacy fabric is pure femininity and delicacy. It creates a romantic and graceful effect to the look, and the cool thing is that it does not need to be used only in sophisticated events.

It is completely possible to wear a blouse with lace application to go to work or to wear it on a daily basis, for example. Just know how to measure the complements and balance with the rest of the production.

blog post blouse lace

Blouse with ruffles on sleeves
Speaking of delicacy and romanticism, we have the ruffled blouse ! The ruffle is another one of those innovations that the pieces won and that has everything in the fashion market. The loose and light effect it causes is charming and at the same time very modern.

Try matching it with a midi skirt and a heel. The balanced result between the top of the blouse and the fit of the skirt is wonderful!

blog post blouse sleeve blouse

Blouse with print and long sleeve
The printed blouses already stand out naturally, imagine if they have long sleeves. It is different to look at a short-sleeve piece with a print and one with a long sleeve. The effect is different, the result of the look is different and, by the way, it looks even more beautiful.

There’s nothing more elegant than wearing a patterned blouse with a unique color skirt and heels, do you agree? The good part of the print is that it does not require accessories, as it is already a show on its own! But, if you want to leave the production with an extra touch, you can invest in earrings and necklaces that follow the same color palette as the clothes.

blog post printed long sleeve blouse
Knitted blouse
Ah … Our “old”, good and comfortable little bag! There’s no equal! We even use it without realizing it. And she is here to prove that she can complete elegant and sophisticated productions. No more associating the fabric with gym pieces, staying at home or using it only on a daily basis, in an unpretentious way.

Of course, there are models for these functions, but there are other sophisticated ones too. This is the case for the ribbed knit blouse with a rounded neckline . Detail: the neckline presents a kind of golden chain that is pure charm.

Because it is a discreet piece in applications and smooth, you can play with various combinations. You can wear a different skirt pattern every time you wear it. And you don’t even have to worry about the accessories, the chain collar is enough!

blog post knit blouse

We arrived at the darling of women’s fashion, the famous cropped !

“Ah, but an evangelical woman can’t wear cropped”. Who told you that lie? The “cropped” blouse is fully released to the female evangelical audience. However, it is clear that in a more discreet version.

Unlike traditional models, which show the entire belly, this option is slightly longer. In addition, to create a more sophisticated and charming look, the tip is to bet on high-waisted skirts. So you don’t have anything showing up and still show that you are tuned in the fashion universe.

blog post cropped blouse

So, what did you think of our top 5? You can find all the pieces mentioned here on the Via Evangélica website . How about going to check it out?

And if you want to continue following other posts related to women’s pret wear fashion, just stay tuned on our evangelical fashion blog and take advantage of the tips we have for you!