10 Evangelical Influencers That Rock! Find out here!

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Social networks are where inspirations meet.

If you like fashion, like being always on top of the trends of the Christian world and don’t give up Instagram to take a look at your looks, then you know that evangelical bloggers are with everything!

They are stylish, beautiful, funky. They have a modest look, but full of elegance. They are contemporary and also inspire us a lot. Not only in evangelical fashion , but also in the light they emanate!

Therefore, we have separated for you 10 evangelical influencers that make us sigh with their wonderful looks! Do you want to know everything about them? Continue reading this post rang rasiya!

Paola Santana: if you can dream, you can achieve

The first influence we suggest you lives in Campinas, is 30 years old, married and mother of little Ana Clara. Instagramer, graduated in foreign trade, started working in the area in 2013, showing the looks she used to go to worship .

Being passionate about fashion, she soon took off and today she has more than 500 thousand followers. She loves to put on makeup and talks about everything that involves the female universe . In addition, on your instagram you will also find motivating videos and images!

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Angela Mendes Araújo: fashion and motherhood
With an extraordinary beauty and a lot of relevant content, Angela conquered the world of evangelical fashion . Fashion Influencer lives in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, is married, lawyer and mother of little Henry!

She loves to travel, shares photos with breathtaking scenery and gives incredible tips on motherhood ! Her instagram career started in 2017 and since then, she has spread to everyone with her smile. Today, he has almost 200 thousand followers on his Instagram!

blog posts bloggers angela mendes

Cris Felix: fashion designer
Blogger and fashion designer Cris Felix lives in the city of Mauá, São Paulo, and since 2013 she has been winning followers with her charismatic and fun way. With her always cheerful personality, she makes our day much lighter.

In addition to posting fashion tips , amazing looks and biblical words, she also does makeup tutorials and moves IGTV frequently! Therefore, it is among one of the great evangelical influencers, with almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram.

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Jaq Jacob: Christian and very cool
The São Paulo native Jaq Jacob started his instagram with the objective of showing that it is not ugly to wear behaved looks and that worked out very well! It has a different style, all contemporary.

Always assembled in modest looks, based on pieces like the midi skirt , the modest fashion model inspires her followers to invest in classics, pieces that are modern, yet timeless!

blog posts bloggers jac jacob

Larissa Valzacchi: fashion, beauty and lifestyle
Blogger Larissa Valzacchi has a special style! Their looks are aimed at those who need to be inspired with elegance and good taste . With a more social footprint, she walks in a beautiful and well-organized feed.

The blogger shares fashion tips, recipes, her day to day and also talks a lot about lifestyle ! An essential profile for you who want to be inspired by someone who has a lot of special content to offer khaadi online!

blog posts bloggers larissa valzacch

Renata Castanheira – Chic Believer
Married, mother of 2 and graduated in marketing, Renata – from the channel Crente Chic , loves fashion and style. On instagram, she has more than 150 thousand followers, who love her stripped and enlightened way of being.

His career as an influencer began on his blog in 2013, with the aim of showing the fashion trends for evangelical women , so that they could dress in a more elegant and demure way.

Today, its contents are references in the gospel medium. The natural way she takes life and her spiritual knowledge are true teachings for all of us!

blog posts bloggers renata castanheira

Rafa Minakawa: evangelical fitness fashion tips
The São Paulo native, born in Suzano, is married, loves fashion and photography . Safe woman, shares looks inspiring other women to dress according to their style, body and individual tastes.

Passionate about comfy looks, like sneakers and t-shirts , she shares hair and body care tips! For those who are also looking for evangelical fitness fashion tips , following her is also a good idea!

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Gabi Souza: “Saved by grace, but it was not free”
The phrase from Gabi Souza’s bio, which we put here as a subtitle, already shows us well how is its content. It is very humorous; it is light and charming. But it also shows the truth of the gospel , which often confronts us in love.

The blogger lives in Recife, is married and the mother of two. With her friendliness, she shares wonderful looks from different brands. Her Instagram career started in 2013 and today she brings joy and fashion to thousands of followers!

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Damares da Bendita Saia: good taste for all!
Image consultant, lives in São Paulo, is married and has two children. On his instagram, he shares plus size fashion tips with his thousands of followers. A woman full of style and a lot of divine grace.

blog posts bloggers damares

Carol Spagnola: lifestyle and fashion!
The blogger is married and has two children: the beautiful and Sofia. A few years ago, she started her Instagram where she shares her day with the kids, her lifestyle and especially her fashion tips .

Beauty looks are always inspiring, one more beautiful than the other. In addition, its stunning beauty leaves all your followers jaw-dropping! It is wonderful inside and out!