Infallible tips to compose looks with pantyhose

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Winter is coming and this means that it is time to take the pantyhose out of the closet and compose wonderful looks with them.

Pantyhose are a wildcard for winter, ranging from more relaxed and relaxed situations to work and more formal parties. Just choose the right pieces, accessories and matching shoes and go out in style sapphire online.

To compose a balanced and beautiful look, some tips are essential:

1. Combine with winter fabrics and prints

When combining clothes with pantyhose always remember to pay attention to the fabric and style of the clothes, they must be pieces that are winter. This does not mean that you cannot use cheerful or floral prints, but the composition of the look should always be sent to the current season. If you choose a colorful dress, wear a more sober blazer on top, complete with pantyhose and ankle boot and you will have a beautiful winter look.bonanza satrangi

2. Wear closed shoes

The pantyhose can be combined with ankle boot, riding, over the knee and coffin style boots, with sneakers, slippers, oxfords and sparpins, all of which are closed shoes. Open sandals, usually from summer, and peep toes do not match with pantyhose, which are typically wintery.

3. Sock + Shoe = Equal Colors or Tone on Tone

When matching the color of the shoes with the pantyhose, choose the same shades or at most shades over shades. Black pantyhose with black shoes create the impression of longer legs, since there is no color break in the look.

4. The colder the cold, the thicker the stocking

If you are in doubt when choosing the thread of your pantyhose (or how thick it should be), take into account how cold it is outside. Thick 150 half-length trousers are ideal for lower temperatures, as well as being nishat linen online warmer and combining better with heavier pieces. The less opaque socks, like the 40 yarn ones, combine with milder temperatures, when a single jacket already solves.