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There are pieces that are simply wildcards in our closet.

They go well with all personal styles. Small adjustments are enough to nishat guarantee charm and elegance to all personalities. Today I will bring 5 pieces to change your look and make it even more stylish.

When a piece is right for us – each woman has unique styles and characteristics, remember? – it can totally transform the look. In addition, it makes the wardrobe much more complete, as it allows several different and elegant combinations.


The black tailoring pants remain a classic of the female wardrobe, but the time has passed when they were used only in the most formal environments. Mixing colors and textures, we can create super-cool looks and make all the difference.

An icon of the corporate dress code, these pants make up a multitude of looks ranging from work to clubbing. Oh, and for those who want to pass the impression of more height, a good high heel is the ideal companion!

To avoid boring , combine with heavier knits, elongated blazer, overlapping jackets, sandals and more colorful shoes and sneakers with the folded bar is a great choice for the coolest.khaadi online

Here is a piece that can be used by all women.

Here are 2 tips regarding height, if you care about it: The tallest look good with all lengths. Those of average height and shorter who do not want to flatten the silhouette, should opt for models that do not exceed the hips.

Even casual, depending on the model and the combination made, jackets can make a well-designed impact. It is good to comment that jeans are a “heavy” fabric, so in compositions with a skirt or dress made of light fabric, it will be the dominant element.

Mixed with other textures such as leather, knitting, lace and cotton, the combination will always be interesting. But, we cannot forget the “total jeans” which is very cool too.
Day, night, winter or summer: a tailoring vest can be used in almost any situation. It is a versatile piece that gives a very special touch to the look, marking the body curves in a subtle way.

Embroidered or shiny models have a free pass in the most formal events, preferably combined with high heels and tighter clothes. The narrower vests look great on those with broad hips. For those who have more bust, the wide straps dress better; and plus size women look flawless with more closed tones.

She became stylish:

Leather pants dress all women well. For the slimmer ones, for example, the skinny pants go very well, since the flare model helps to disguise the thick thighs.

At work, it can be worn with a blazer, light top and square heel satrangi. For the ballad, sequin top and thin heel sandals. Colored leather came in full force and for the most creative it is a must.

There are several models for the leather skirt: pleated, pencil, round, with fringe. Likewise, the lengths are diverse, from mini to maxi. It is also a piece that goes from work to parties and composes great combinations in hi-lo style , for example, with t-shirt and sneakers.

Can be used in winter with socks and boots. In summer, the rotated models go superbly, as they are not glued to the body. The colorful models are great for a daytime look. The short and tight option changes entirely according to the shoe: you can be sexy with a heel or super cool with sneakers.