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And we arrived at our last day of the marathon called Fashion Week. Last day of the most anticipated week of the year for the fashion world. But, life that goes on! And so, here we go to the last page of our daily.

Today the highlights are the brands A.Niemeyer and Ratier.

Let’s see what happened on the catwalks?

Simplicity, comfort and sophistication are the characteristics that marked the fashion show of A.Niemeyer 2017, which debuted this year at SPFW. Presented in the parade with natural materials, pure lines and unpretentious shapes, the brand’s looks bring inspiration from the lines of the peaceful horizons of the desert and the fjords, where simplicity is enhanced by the feeling of maximum tranquility, comfort and well-being. Just to give you an idea, the audience was welcomed with cups of tea, as a proposal for a break for the runaways of the parades.

Founded by school friends Fernanda Niemeyer and Renata Alhadeff, the holiday wear brand surprised me a lot. Presented as 2017 trends, wool and crochet were the most explored textures, with fabrics produced in Peru. Amid so much comfort that the pieces convey, the color chart permeates off-white, ice, blue, terracotta and military. The end result is simply elegance and warmth.sobia nazir

And to end this beautiful week full of news, a brand that I really liked:

Ratier, who dared in the references for creating this collection. Modern looks with lighter colors – an off-white, for example, in a total look – are just a small initial episode for an all dark collection, in which the inspiration came from Romania and vampires!

The Ratier fashion show demonstrated, in general, the desire for street comfort, but with certain pieces more loaded with a purposeful gipsy touch. Noble fabrics, such as jacquard, received the impression of elaborate embroidery.

sobia nazir Other fabrics, such as lace, wool and knitting completed the collection, along with linen and leather, classics from the DJ brand and namesake businessman. Velvet, the key fabric of this week and trends for winter 2021, happened a lot in total looks, capes and hoods, which forced even more the dark footprint.

But, as you already know, the last day had more fashion looks 2021.

See what other brands have presented themselves:

brought a collection inspired by the circus. Characters such as clowns, jugglers, seals and elephants were honored with carrot-cropped pants, jackets with fur and embroidery applications and three-dimensional pieces in round shapes. The jeans, which is the brand’s flagship, are oversized and in different washes in this collection. But there is also a sweatshirt and tailoring, always with a more dramatic touch.

The brand created by rapper Emicida and his brother, closed theĀ  fashion shows. The collection brought modern looks, inspired by big names in samba. All the pieces in the fashion show were embroidered by the designers’ mother, D. Jacira, with many beads, sequins and beads. The presentation of the label, which defines itself as a fashion collective and has existed since 2009, pleased the guests very much.