Why Should We Choose WordPress?

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What are the Advantages of WordPress?

You want to own a website but you don’t have any coding knowledge. It is necessary to have a website to promote your business on the internet or to write a blog, yes, but only for these you do not need coding knowledge. WordPress developers wrote the code necessary for the website to work and they are still developing it. In addition, thousands of ready-made WordPress themes and plugins are waiting to be downloaded ready to be used today.

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Why should we choose wordpress advantages

What are the advantages of using wordpress? why should we choose wordpress?

Using WordPress, you can own and manage a website in a simple way. If you need a very special design or software, you can get support from a developer at this point. If you want to get professional WordPress Support , you can contact me here.

WordPress is a free system. However, some themes and plugins developed according to the needs may be charged extra. However, there are thousands of free wordpress themes you can download for a simple corporate website or blog .

At this point, by choosing to use WordPress, you can have a free, reliable, search engine friendly and easy-to-use site. Thus, your business, products, projects, travels etc. You can share it with the whole world.

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Once you have the opportunity to manage your own website by learning the use of WordPress, you will not have to pay a software developer or designer. Having the opportunity to easily transfer your business to the internet will always provide you with extra profit.

In short, wordpress makes you a professional site owner without paying someone for software. As a software developer for years, I would like to point out that content management systems (ie sites with admin panels) that many software developers sit down and develop cannot easily access the professionalism of wordpress.

If you prefer to use a WordPress site, you can get support from many people when you need expert support. However, if you use a site software produced by a company or a person, you will always have to deal with that company or person. Most of the time, you will be harmed by that company or people. Yes, as someone who does this profession, unfortunately, I express these things with regret. Because most of the software developers in the market are fake software developers and mostly their aim is to defraud people. Here wordpress saves you from all these problems.

Why Should We Choose WordPress?

When WordPress is used properly configured;

It is a very simple system to use,

It is an extremely safe system,

It is a fast working system,

It is an SEO friendly system,

Since it is open source, it is a system that can be developed according to needs.

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To start using WordPress with your own means, you must first purchase a domain and hosting . Those who do not know how to do this can click the links to purchase domains and hosting .

As I mentioned before when purchasing domain and hosting, if you prefer the companies I have given as an example, you can buy a hosting where you can set up wordpress automatically. You can find answers to all questions about WordPress installation in my next article (click: How to install wordpress? ). The most important detail you need to know when starting to use WordPress is to understand the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org services .